President Weekly Message 27th July 2018

Posted on: July 26th, 2018 by Ben Hoch

President’s Report:

Shabbat shalom,

As some of you will be aware, last week we were notified of the IGA at St Ives closing its doors to make way for a new store and the Coles at Chatswood will no longer stock kosher meat.  For the local Jewish community and the staff that were employed by IGA this is of course a shock and inconvenience.  If you would like to join us in contacting Coles and raising awareness of this issue – please complete the follow steps.


1. Please copy and paste the text below in italics either on the facebook page or in the Feedback form for Coles and then send it to them.

2. Facebook Link and  website listed below:

Facebook link is

Coles website is and scroll down to fill in the Feedback form. Choose the Chatswood Chase store.

To the NSW Manager,

It has come to my attention that Coles has purchased the IGA St Ives NSW store and the store will be closed for refurbishment at the end of Aug 2018 for around 2 months. I understand that the existing staff will end working at this time. 

This store closure will result in the fantastic kosher product range and in-house kosher bakery not being available for the local Jewish community and in fact, those on the North Shore of Sydney who use this facility. This is a major issue and inconvenience to those who observe kosher laws in order to practice their Judaism. 

Can you advise if the kosher facilities like the bakery and other processed goods including kosher meat will be available once the new store reopens? 

I urge you to consider keeping this kosher facility and its associated product range open for the greater Jewish community. Our local Synagogue uses this facility every week with orders for cakes, bread, sushi, processed goods to name a few items ordered regularly.

I look forward to your positive response, can you please advise me within the next week of what Coles expects to be doing with this current kosher facility.

It has also come to our attention that the Coles Chatswood Chase store will no longer be stocking kosher meat as of 24/7/2018. As a consumer and regular customer, I request you consider reinstating this important service at this store for those kosher consumers. If this cannot be done as a regular line then perhaps, the opportunity for kosher consumers to order online with the store or as an alternative, they could ring the meat manager and order directly on a regular basis for pickup instore. If you are receiving stock locally or from interstate then surely there is no reason why kosher meat cannot be included on a regular basis too. Please advise re this request and the meat closure at this store.

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