Life Cycles

Where our members find the Shule particularly supportive is when they celebrate a simcha or have the misfortune to become sick or have a bereavement. Bar and Bat-mitzvahs, for example, are delightful occasions at Cremorne. The congregation becomes fully involved in following the progress of the Barmitzvah boy culminating in his participation in the service on the big day.

Barmitzvah boys are trained in conducting services, particularly on Friday nights, so that they can participate fully in the activities of the Shul even after the Barmitzvah. Batmitzvah ceremonies are imaginatively organised by Dina Koncepolski and can be held jointly or individually on either a Shabbat or a Sunday.

The Synagogue recently acquired a beautiful chupah cover from Israel which is used for weddings in the Shul. It is always exciting to have to reorganise the seating in the building to accommodate the entry of the wedding party.

Members who are sick are regularly remembered in Shabbat prayers and the Rabbi makes every effort to visit the sick in hospital.

In case of a bereavement, members will ensure there is a Minyan for all relevant services and provide moral support for the bereaved family.