President Weekly Message 1st June 2018

President’s Message:

Following on from last Sunday’s AGM, this week’s newsletter update will be my first as President and as such, I thought I would take this opportunity to say a few words.

Firstly I must acknowledge John and Jane for their leadership of our community over the past two years. As it was reported at our AGM, the shule is in a strong position and I believe this is a testament to the structure encouraged by John, as well as, the work of the Board and Rabbi over the past twelve months. Thank you John for all of your hard work and I wish you nothing but the safest of travels for your upcoming road trip.

I think it is equally important to acknowledge some changes occurring at board level with Garry Hyman and Simon Zelas stepping down and Sarah Ginges stepping up.  Both Garry and Simon have been a core part of the board over many years and although they are stepping down, both have agreed to assist with ongoing projects.

With Matt Zwi and I both commencing new executive roles, we are not naive in acknowledging there is much work ahead.  I can honestly say rather than feeling daunted or overwhelmed, we are both so excited to get started and look forward to what the future holds for our community.  Together with the support of an experienced board, we will endeavour to push the boundaries on what is possible.

Personally, I feel honoured to join the list of some of the most inspirational and dedicated members of our shule.  I hope like them, I am able to leave a memorable mark on this community. I really hope you all feel comfortable to approach me with ideas, concerns, questions (or jokes) as my digital door is always open.

Until next week,


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