Weekly Message 30th 2018

Rabbi’s Message:

This Sunday is the fast of the 17 of Tammuz. This is the start of the Three week mourning period which concludes with Tisha B’av – the 9th day of Av.


Don’t forget to vote for Dina as the local hero for the Chatswood Westfield program!

Link to vote: https://www.westfield.com.au/chatswood/story/13gwWZbhjYA0MsSoCkiEyy/local-heroes-voting


We are in the midst of the soccer world cup. Even people who don’t usually follow soccer enjoy following this competition which is the greatest stage for the sport. Winning the world cup is the dream of every soccer player and it brings great pride to the winning country.

Soccer is a beautiful game and during my two and half years in Brazil I developed a passion for the game.

One memory I have from that time is when Ronaldinho was asked whether he watches the matches when Brazil play, and his answer was no! He doesn’t like watching soccer, he would check the results but has no interest in watching the games. Obviously he enjoys playing it. He was the best in the world for quite some time!

At first I couldn’t make sense of it, but then I realised that he enjoys making the difference in a match but doesn’t enjoy watching something he can’t do anything about. He is driven when he is involved but not to watch from the side lines.

A player on the field cannot walk away from the game when it’s not going the way they like it, they have to keep on fighting for the team because they are “IN IT”. Fans on the other hand are not as involved, they can, and often do walk away when the team is losing.

Life is not a game but there’s is a lot we can learn from sport.

Do you see yourself as a player on the field, or a fan? To you fight and persist for important matters, or do you walk away when it is no longer exciting?

Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi Chaim


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