Cremorne offers a wide range of services every week, from Monday morning minyans to Shabbat services, and everything inbetween. Below you will find our weekly services schedule, as well as information on services we hold during festivals.


Today’s date is

FriKabbalat Shabbat, Ma’ariv6:00pm
SatShacharit & Mussaf
Mincha, Ma’ariv & Seudah Shelishit

Evening, morning and afternoon services are held on all festivals and major fast days, with communal dinners or celebrations as appropriate.

A communal dinner is held in the Succah adjoining the Rabbi’s home next to the Synagogue.

Erev Simchat Torah
There is a joyous celebration hosted by the Chatanim followed by more celebrations and a communal lunch the following day.

Always features a party for children with candle lighting, singing and many activities

There is always the traditional megillah reading in the evening and morning with a celebratory Kiddush and activities for children during the day.

We hold a communal seder, usually on the second night, which provides an opportunity for those without a seder to attend to enjoy a memorable Pesach experience. The communal seder is structured so that it is child-friendly, ie it is fun and does not go on too long, so that people of all ages can benefit from the event .

Anzac Day Service
Held on a Shabbat close to Anzac Day, is an important opportunity to remember the fallen in the world wars, as the Synagogue was originally dedicated as a war memorial. The service is attended by local members of parliament and other dignitaries and always features a key-note address and a Kiddush or lunch to follow.

Features a communal dairy dinner prepared by the community which is followed by a study session on a broad range of topics delivered by members of the community.