Weekly Message 14th April 2016

We Australians are very fortunate to live in a country that is very accepting of our Judaism and our culture.

However, on a personal level, When it comes to being comfortable to demonstrate our values publicly, every person surely struggles with that whether it is our appearance or our views.

This upcoming Shabbat is called “Shabbat Hagadol” – The great Shabbat.

It is called by this name because a great miracle happened on this Shabbat.

When the Jewish people were in Egypt, they were asked to perform a Jewish ritual with sheep which was a deity of the local Egyptians thereby risking provoking the locals. This ritual related to the death of the first-born of the Egyptians. They performed it without hesitation.

The power of their sincerity and confidence was such that not only did the young Egyptians not fight back, but they fought with their parents to release the Jewish nation from Egypt.

This principle is eternal. Be calm and proud of your beliefs, 99.9 % of people around you will respect and honour it. It is very liberating too.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Chaim and Dina Koncepolski