Weekly Message 15th June 2018

Rabbi’s Message:

Dina and I wish blessings of comfort and good health to Bessie Stein on the passing of her Husband Ellie who was a regular at our Shul for three decades.

We also wish a long and healthy life to Ellie’s daughter Gillian Heller, her husband Steven, and to her sisters Debbie and Sharon and their families.

We will be welcoming them to Shul this Friday evening.

This week we read about a massive argument that broke out in the Jewish community. This argument didn’t just ‘break out’ as much as it was instigated and skillfully led by a very ‘clever’ man named Korach – Moses first cousin.

If you examine the global community today, you will find that there is a lot divisiveness and strong disagreements particularly around leadership and political issues. It seems very difficult to have a civil discussion about important issues without offending someone or causing unpleasant feelings. People seem to get easily upset when they hear a contrary view.

What is the way to resolve this and make a more pleasant climate?

Perhaps the solution is to focus on things that we can actually change as individuals. Having an opinion on a major global issue that we don’t have the power to change can put us on edge, feeling vulnerable if we are challenged.

There is a famous saying:

“Men like to solve the ‘big issues’ like the global trade and peace between countries and the like, and woman like to solve ‘smaller issues’ like making sure the family doesn’t starve and that they have clothes to wear…”

Perhaps our perception of big and small is distorted, we get very hyped up about matters that are out of our control but don’t consider too important matters that we can actually solve, and solve quickly; like being a better person, reducing anger, fear, being more generous and giving, being more forgiving, improving our relationship with Hashem and the like, things that may seem small but which make us bigger people.

Dina and I wish you a peaceful (pun intended) Shabbat!


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