Weekly Message 20th July

Rabbi’s Message:

Dina and I wish a hearty Mazal Tov to Richard and Penelope Winston on the birth of a baby boy! May they have tremendous Nachat from him and may he bring many blessings into their home and into their life!

We also wish a hearty Mazal Tov to Michelle Zwi  on the birth of a grandson – Ian Hersch Cummins. A big Mazal Tov to her daughter Jolyn, great grandmother – Helga Zwi and the entire Zwi family!


This Saturday night and Sunday is TishaB’av, the saddest day on the Jewish calendar.

We have services on Saturday evening after Shabbat – 6:30 pm with the reading of ‘Eicha’ a vivid description of the destruction of Jerusalem. There are also services on Sunday morning 8 am
(without Tefilin) and Sunday afternoon 4:30 pm (with Tefilin) to end of the Fast.

Even if you are not fasting it is meaningful to participate in a Tisha B’av service.


This week I discovered a great initiative headed by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks which is about to be launched called 929. The number corresponds to the amount of chapters in the bible and they are creating a website, a platform, with classes and insights on the bible (Hebrew and English) to encourage people all over the world to study one chapter of Tanach a day.

We have our own class on the bible (coffee with prophets) going on for a couple of months now which has taken off nicely. It runs every Wednesday at 11:30 am at Shul. We have very stimulating and robust discussions and everyone enjoys participating. The events recorded in the bible are fascinating and controversial. It is uncanny how closely they relate to modern day events.

We are currently more than half way through the book of Joshua and it will be very satisfactory when we celebrate the conclusion of one whole book.

I encourage you to jump along if you have the time!

Dina and I wish you a peaceful and relaxing Shabbat.


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