Weekly Message 22nd June 2018

Rabbi’s Message:

Is there room for “positive irrationality” in our lives?

Whenever you meet someone who thinks or feels different to you, you are likely to feel that some of the things they want are irrational to you.

Often in a marriage spouses get annoyed at each other thinking; ‘why does he/she like doing that?! Or ‘why does he/she care to have in that specific way?!

These frustrating situations can either tear you apart, or become a tremendous opportunity to bond with your spouse. When you do something for someone else just because THEY like it, it will bring you closer together in a way that nothing else will, precisely because you did it purely for them (providing you did it willingly).

This is the purpose of the ‘irrational’ Mitzvahs in the Torah like the Red Heifer that appears in this week’s reading.

Hashem provided them for this reason so we can do something for him that in our world doesn’t make sense but in Hashem’s world it does, we can reject it because of the irrationality, or we can do it purely because for Hashem it is meaningful and real.

Things that seem irrational to you, might be the best glue for your relationship!

Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi Chaim


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