Weekly message 25th August 2016

The theme of this upcoming weekend is gratitude.
The Cremorne family is dedicating a Kiddush in honour of our immediate past president Garry and Maedinah Hyman as well as to our current president John Gallo and Jane Wolfers.
Whenever we begin doing something challenging that we have seen others doing for many years, we often think to ourselves: "How did they manage all this time...?" " I didn't realise how difficult it was for them..." "...how much sacrifice and dedication it involved...". The reason we have this epiphany is because it is very hard to appreciate how challenging something is without having done it ourselves. Only when WE give it a try, we learn about all the details, about the theories that work or don't work and the creativity that is necessary to make things succeed.

This Shabbat will be our opportunity to involve ourselves and appreciate the sacrifice made by Garry and Maedinah over the past four years in managing our Shul. Let us also appreciate the leap made by John and Jane in taking on this central role.
Come and say Le'chaim, enjoy a special Kiddush and give positive feedback that will surely go a long way!

Dina and I wish you a restful Shabbos!
Rabbi Chaim and Dina Koncelpolski