Weekly Message 26th May 2016

There is a figure in Jewish folklore who has been an inspiration to all those starting new ventures particularly very challenging ones.

His name is Akiva or as he was known later on his life as Rabbi Akiva. Akiva was a simple and unlearned man until the age of 40 when he met his future wife who encouraged him to begin developing his cognitive skills.

He experienced extreme difficulties studying and wanted to give up. Until one day he noticed small drops of water dripping onto a rock, slowly carving a hole into the surface.

He was amazed and concluded: “If water can carve a hole through this rock, then surely this study material can enter my brain.” He went on to become one of the greatest sages to ever live!

This method is what you might call the “long but short way.” Small efforts every day can cause water to carve through rock, can open our minds to deeper thoughts, and our hearts to better feelings.

Never give up on any initiative! Adopt Akiva’s method and experience success and bliss!

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Chaim and Dina Koncepolski