Weekly Message 27th April 2016

This weekend concludes the Festival of Pesach.

This Friday commemorates the splitting of the sea of reeds which happened on the 7th day of Pesach. We read about it from the Torah with a melodious song.

Saturday commemorates the relevance of Pesach in a modern world and how it appeals to us – I will be sharing some thoughts on this during the service.

On Saturday afternoon following Mincha we are hosting an informal get together of song and inspiration at our home to end off the Chag on a high (ending 5:54pm). Some call it the Seudah (meal) of Moshiach. Matzah, wine and refreshments 😉 All are welcome!

On Saturday we will be saying the memorial prayers for our loved ones – Yizkor at (10:45 am). This prayer helps their soul on its journey and brings them comfort.

May their soul be bound in the bond of eternal life and may they Shep tremendous Nachas from all of us!

I look forward to celebrating these last days of Pesach with you!

Rabbi Chaim and Rebbetzin Dina Koncelpolski