Weekly Message 8th June 2018

You probably heard this week that the National Argentinian football team cancelled a scheduled game vs the Israeli national team that was to be played in Israel.
For Israel this game was considered an opportunity to host, and play against Lionel Messi who is a legend of the game and is considered one of the greatest to ever play football. For Argentina, this was an opportunity to pocket some 6-7 million dollars during a financially difficult period, as well as to gain a ‘spiritual blessing’ for the World Cup that begins in just a few weeks time. Apparently, the two world cups in which Argentina did well were preceded by a visit to the holy land, so they believe it provided them with good luck.
The reason for this cancellation was threats made to the Argentinian players by BDS activists and others.
This cancellation and concession to these threats has potentially created a dangerous precedent for BDS to continue intimidating others from associating with Israel.
Interestingly, the central theme of this weeks Torah portion is about the Jewish nation overtaken by a terrible fear about entering Israel for the first time and conquering the land.
The 12 spies intimidated everyone by saying; “It is a scary and complicated land… a lot of people are dying there…”
The nation was terribly frightened.
I will talk about the nature of fear on Shabbat morning in Shul.
Let us examine how much we allow unfounded fear to dictate our own behaviour, do we act out of fear of others or do we Pursue what is right for us?
Conceding to fear shouldn’t be an option.

Dina & I wish you Shabbat Shalom!


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