Weekly Message 9th June 2016

This past Monday we bid farewell to Walter Dohan. Walter was a unique person with a unique mind. He contributed immensely to our Shul in his capacity as President, Treasurer and as a supporting member. He will be dearly missed!

Dina and I wish long life to Hellen Dohan, to Jack and Jeanette, Simon and Leesa Abrams and their entire family.


Tomorrow is the start of a long weekend in Australia as well as for the Jewish community.

SHAVUOT begins this Saturday evening, immediately following Shabbat, and ends on Monday evening.

There will be services on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings at 9am as well as on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 6pm.

On Sunday morning, there will be a reading of the 10 commandments at 10am followed by an ICE-CREAM PARTY for all!

I encourage everyone to come and bring your children and/or your grandchildren!

This Sunday (6th Sivan), 3328 years ago, every single Jewish person had a direct conversation with G-D at Mt Sinai. During this conversation G-d shared His love for every person, and His care for every detail of our lives. Those who had this experience shared it with their children who were not present, who shared it with their children, and so on…

This Sunday we have the opportunity to share this experience with our children so they can share it with theirs.

Dina and I wish everyone Shabbat Shalom and Chag Same’ach!

Rabbi Chaim and Dina Koncelpolski