Weekly Message – Shabbat 17/18th Feb

Posted on: February 15th, 2017 by Rabbi Chaim Koncepolski

I have already received some challenging questions for this week’s “Stump the Rabbi” session that will replace my sermon this upcoming Shabbat morning (at about 11am). I will give preference to the questions submitted in advance. If you haven’t thought of a question yet, you can still send one in before Shabbat. The earlier the better!  Remember that I’m happy to respond anonymously. We will do this session once a month.

I want to thank Michael Visontay for a fantastic talk he gave this past Sunday on the important topic of sexual abuse. There was very positive feedback. The talk was captivating and very informative. I look forward to the music evening that Michael is helping to arrange in a week from Sunday. (26th Feb)
We have just purchased 10 transliterated Siddurim (prayer books).  This Siddur enables you to follow along and read the prayers even if you are not able to read Hebrew. It will maker it easier for everyone to join in the Friday night songs or the different paragraphs of the prayers. Subject to demand, we will buy more.
This is one step in a series of initiatives to make everyone feel comfortable in the Synagogue regardless of their fluency or familiarity with the service.
I thank Rod and Caroline Hyman for this initiative and for donating these Siddurim!
Dina and I wish you a restful Shabbos.

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